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Clim-Sci VIDEO

 The Clim-Sci Video Challenge invites youth between the ages of 12-18 to create compelling and informative videos on topics related to climate science. It's an incredible chance to delve into the fascinating world of climate science, explore its various aspects, and communicate important messages to a global audience.

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"Tell Your Climate Story"

Create a 3 to 5-minute film sharing your personal climate story. How has climate change impacted your life or community? What actions have you taken or witnessed to address climate challenges? Share your journey and inspire others to take climate action

The Clim-Sci video challenge is an opportunity for the youth under the age of 18. You can submit a maximum of a 3 minute under the theme of the future of energy.  

The videos will be judged by climate science specialists, as Participants have the opportunity to win an exciting prize of 15,000 INR (1st place) and 7,500 INR (2nd place).

The videos will be judged by experts in the field of Climate Change,. Participants will be given the opportunity to win multiple prizes such as nomination for the Dr Rk Pachauri award for climate change, a 

The contest runs until (date), as the participants would be given two weeks of time to prepare and record their videos.  You could either upload your video on Youtube or you could submit it via the submission form given below.


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Resources to help you with your research process.

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