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Meet The Team

Get to know of the team working hard in the background


Evan S Rathore

I'm a 9th-grader at Vidyasagar School. I aspire to pursue a career in environmental advocacy and artificial intelligence, and make the largest impact on the world I can. I enjoy playing badminton, programming, and reading in my spare time, especially when I'm not busy making bad jokes.



Hello, my name is Anirudh. I'm very passionate about the environment and consistently try to maximize our ability to solve environmental problems using computational techniques, education, and policy-based approaches. I also love to code, debate, research, and play soccer and tennis.



Hello I'm Maya I'm at G9 in Saint Mary Elias language School. I'm passionate about programming, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and climate change. I've done many researches about climate change and how we can solve these problems. Just I see my role in my life to leave impacts in people.


Lauren An

I’m an eighth grader at Korea International School. I am passionate about STEM, empowerment, and social change. I enjoy playing tennis and golf.


Jana Ahmed

 I am from Egypt in G11 studying at sharkya stem school, Iam interested in the climatic change topics and the everything related to environmental engineering and chemistry .about my hobbies i love constructing new things fashion designing and writing tales and novels , i want to be an environmental engineering.


Christine Huang

Hello, I’m Christine Huang, an 11th grader in the United States. I am on a robotics team and compete in Science Olympiad. I am interested in engineering and environmentally friendly practices.


Rushil Verma

I’m an eleventh grader at Manav Rachna International School. I aspire to become a neurosurgeon and i want to dedicate my life helping others get well. I’m very passionate for raising awareness about child rights and their protection; i’ve been working with a NGO. My interests are: reading books, painting, writing poetry and feeding stray animals.


Bidisha Maity

This is Bidisha Maity, a 16 year- old from West Bengal, India. Currently she's a 12th grader in Rajkumari Santanamoyee Girls' High School.Through writing, she advocates to raise awareness about both mental health and climate change. She's also interested in higher science, literature, linguistics and music.



Hey! I'm a 15 year High school student at Manav Rachna School. I have major interests in space science, art, music and media. I also run an environment based NGO along with my other two friends.


Sanvi Garg

I'm Sanvi Garg, a 15-year-old artist driven by passion and curiosity. Alongside my love for art, I have a keen interest in Climatology. To make a difference, I co-founded an NGO with two friends, combining art and activism to tackle environmental challenges head-on.


Florence Liang

Hi there! My name is Florence Liang. I'm fifteen years old and I have a keen interest in science and stem related subjects. I love to research and I often get led astray on Wikipedia because of sheer amount of cool information they store. I can't wait to share my knowledge in working on these articles!


Jadyn Alexander

Hi! I’m Jadyn, a seventeen-year-old located in central North Carolina in the U.S. With a passion for writing and the humanities, I act as an English tutor, fiction writer, and member of my school's Journalism and Creative Writing clubs. I believe writing is the most underappreciated yet impactful way of making positive change in the world, and I love the breadth of knowledge it offers.



Hi! I'm Naomika, a 12th grader from the United States. I have a passion for environmental justice and engineering to promote equity across communities. In my free time, I enjoy tutoring elementary schoolers in English and Science, playing music, and participating on my school's robotics team.


Ritika Gaikwad

I'm Ritika, a full stack developer with a passion towards data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am, also, a 10th grader studying in PICT Model School, Pune. In my free time, I like to play table tennis, listen to Doja Cat's songs and watch anime 


Richard Shi

I'm Richard S. I'm a rising junior from Virginia and I'm interested in political science and public policy. In my spare time I enjoy playing volleyball for my school and playing my saxophone


Sumit Gowda

Hey, I’m Sumit Gowda an aspiring artist and graphic designer from Bangalore India, I’m also a football enthusiast. My passion for fine arts drives me to create and embrace the magic of UI and UX.



Hello! I am Danaan. I am a rising senior from Illinois and am interested in STEM Research, particularly physics. In my free time I enjoy reading and art. So I'm very happy to be on the design team for ClimSci so I can make use of my more creative skills!



Hi! My name is Ruchika and I am a rising senior from California interested in environmental science particularly environmental toxicology. I am the editor in chief of my schools newspaper and have done several environmental science related research projects. My goal is to educate people about different climate problems across the world!


Verah Torres

Verah Torres is passionate in terms of volunteering and joining organization groups. She is an advocate, MUN'ner (Model United Nations delegate and secretariats). She uses her free time to volunteer from mental health, science and technology, and so on in a physical setting, including online activities too. 


Steven Xiao

Hi! My name is Steven Xiao and I am a rising senior from California interested in applied AI and ML towards social equity as well as explore the humanities through art and writing. I help lead our school's machine learning and photography club and conduct outreach to provide microloans to the underserved.

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