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The Climate Spectrum:
A Student-Led Research Journal

The Climate Spectrum was launched with the objective of making climate change information easily accessible to youth worldwide through simplified review articles that are translated into a variety of languages.. Each monthly journal edition will help readers  understand the science behind climate change, the importance of climate action, and the current state of the world in the era of "global boiling".


Our September Edition

Our September Edition explores the latest technologies being developed towards climate action. They showcase the impact that technology is going to have in the fight that we are going through against climate change. 


July Edition

Our July Edition explores climate action initiatives that were recently undertaken by developing and developed nations worldwide. Read on to understand why global climate action is vital in the current era.


May Edition

Our May Edition explores Climate Change in different equatorial zones. Read on to understand how climate change has been affecting places around the world.


June Edition

Our June Edition explores the primary causes of climate change in the world around us. Read on to understand the major contributing factors towards Climate Change in the current state of the world 


April Edition

Our April edition focuses on climate science in the scope of the various natural and social sciences, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology and Economics!

March Edition

Our March edition aims to explore the science behind nuclear energy. We've focused on solar energy, hydrogen splitting and the advances in nuclear energy!

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